Love Me (Portgas D...
By PicachuWithAC
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Portgas D. Ace x Reader- The 16th Princess of the Kashi Tribe, a tribe home to over a hundred thousand people being protected by the Royal army and the royals themselves. The royal family are masters of the Blue Dragon martial arts including you. But the 60 years of peace of the tribe has been corrupted by another martial arts tribe, the Fuji tribe. It's your turn to come out and lead the army but no matter how strong the army or the leader is, there's a very small chance of you making it back alive and when you've just thought that you had everything figured out, a man comes and changes that, his name is Portgas D. Ace. Can he bring back that feeling you had when you were younger, when you were a dreamer, when you hoped, when you feared, and when you stood on top of the world? Or will he leave when he's done with this "job" as he promised? ~~~~ I don't own any of the characters and you own yourself obviously 😝 Please Enjoy!


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Love Me (...
by PicachuWithAC