I Used To Know You
By AdiraPhoenixLambert
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Tommy is ready to start a new chapter in his life with his fiancée, Lana. He's going to marry her, even though his friends don't really care for her, he loves her. So he's gonna through with it. But his friends plan a bachelor party for him, and also pay for a male stripper to come. He recognizes him immediately, Adam, an old friend he hasn't seen in five years. They used to work in a tattoo parlor together, and now, Tommy has his own tattoo parlor, and Adam is the most beautiful male stripper around L.A. Adam has been a stripper since he moved to a different part of L.A. That was five years ago. The only reason he moved was because he became a stripper. He needed money, so he just decided to do it. When he sees Tommy again, he realizes how much he's missed his friend, and now he's at his bachelor party. They talk for a while, and before they know it, they've gone up to an empty bedroom and had sex. Adam feels a bit guilty afterwards, considering he put his number in Tommy's phone, just so he can keep in contact. And what follows makes both of their lives harder than ever.

Bachelor Party

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I Used To...
by AdiraPhoenixLambert