The alphas stubborn...
By nicosiakerapa
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Adriane is fed up waiting for her mate, she's stubborn, smart mouthed , feisty and has a whole lot of attitude! In the coming of the 4th year round of the mates fest Adrian finds her self testing her boundaries and going to the mates fest vulnerable and tactic but also keeping to her feisty personality, the event is not what A expected as she finally gets to meet her Mate the big bad Mighty Alpha Nick after 4 years of waiting ,Adrian Soon falls apon unfamiliar feelings she soon discovers are more deeper then She could have ever imagined. All content and media predicted in this story belongs to its rightful owners! These are just my ideal visuals for the characters depicted in this novel! Except the actual story! That's mine lol!

Chapter 1

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The alpha...
by nicosiakerapa