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|| Returns on 20. 06. 2019 || (Re-written!) Who said that your worst fears are only a part of your imagination? What if they are as real as they can get? Ally Anderson was trying to live a normal life until her worst fear decided to present itself in a way she could never have imagined. She finds herself as a part of a game where she has to play to save her life. The game isn't hers and neither are the rules. Yet, she is forced to play against someone so deadly and deceiving, he would stop at nothing till he has Ally as his and only his. Will Ally be able to save herself from her worst fears, or will she end up losing the game against Simon? Who would have thought that a childhood game of 'Simon Says' could be so deadly... All Rights Reserved by Leanne Miranda © 2017

Simon Says

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Simon Say...
by Leedbookie