My Little Raven
By cuttiewerewolf-lover
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Raven's pack was viciously killed by the notorious Dark Moon pack. She was taken and kept prisoner by their alpha as a play toy. "You're Mine Now!" A new pack moves nearby, and their teens go to school with her. She always come to school with new bruises. "Simple. I want to die." Everybody knows what happens and does nothing. "Somebody Help Me!" Red Moon's soon to be alpha take notice of Raven. "Who did this to you?!" He knows that the Dark Moon pack is ruthless. He knows he's her mate and will do anything to keep her safe. "Let Me In! Stop pushing me away, please!" Will he Risk starting a war against the Dark Moon pack to save her, or will he leave her in the hell hole to keep his pack safe? "WHY WON'T YOU LET ME HELP YOU!" Raven Won't Let Jason win. She will do everything in her body to get way. Will Raven Let Him help her, or will she give up. "I hate You! I Hope You Die In Hell!!" Love and lies. Surprises and hatred. When will this life of pain end.

My Little Raven

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My Little...
by cuttiewerewolf-lover