My Happily Never Af...
By LikkleAngel
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"Don't be silly," I said with a wry smile stretched over my lips. "I'm not in love with him." I let out a small huff of air - something half on it's way to becoming a laugh, even though the last thing I felt right then was happy. "I'm in love all on my own." * * * Falling in love is meant to be beautiful. It's meant to be pure and simple and all things wonderful. Or at least that's the picture that Disney painted. Sure they had to battle it out and defeat some evil, but in the end they all got their happily ever after's. To be honest I kind of really hated Disney. Disney told the stories of the prince falling in love with the poor abused girl, and the tale of the beauty who fell in love with the beast, but they never told the one about the unrequited love. They never took in account the girl who stood pathetically in the background watching forlornly as their prince charming walked hand in hand with someone else. To make it worse? I wasn't even the victim here. I was the bad guy. Because I didn't just fall in love with a guy that was with someone else, I fell in love with the guy that was with my best friend. My name's Taylor Lucas, but you can call me ... well you might as well call me two faced bitch. And this isn't my love story.


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My Happil...
by LikkleAngel