(Book 3) Hayden Mac...
By jyothi89
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"What about my sister?" he asked, "Where is she? Will I ever find her?" Doctor sat back and folded his hands before he said, "Do you really want her back?" "Is that suppose to be a trick question?" he asked frowning, "Of course I want her back." Doctor smirked and said, "Then I assign you with a job. You have to come with me to a place where, I can't tell you right now, I wish we can find your sister." Pruthvi face glowed to a thousand watts. He looked at all three of us with ecstasy and said, "Seriously, doc?! You want to come with me to bring my sister back?!" "Yes," he said, smiling, "But you need to have patience because I have still not decided anything about it yet. But if we go, there might be some consequences and you have to only remember that you want your sister back no matter what." "Sure, whatever," he said shrugging, "I just need my sister back, safe and sound." "You got yourself a deal." Is it all about Pruthvi finding his sister? Will Doctor really accompany him? How is Shashi striking back after his failure to avenge his mother? Will Hayden Mackay succeed in defeating Shashi yet again? Will good always win over evil? Cover Credits - Devesh Soni

Hayden Mackay's Note

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(Book 3)...
by jyothi89