Better Off
By Abigail_Irene
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"I, Alpha Aubrey Higgins, of the Dark Moon Pack, reject you, Alpha Alexander Ashmore, of the Red River Pack, to be my mate." I whisper to him, then walk off. I turn around, "I'll be better off, don't you think?" I turn back around and continue to walk as if nothing happened. ~~~~~~ Aubrey got rejected on sight by her mate, the day of her birthday. She couldn't have careless about her so called mate anyway. Yet she couldn't bare to stay in the pack. So she left and became a Rouge. Aubrey now builds a new life for herself, concerning and tackling everything life is throwing at her. Her old self died when she left her old pack, or so she thought. There is one obstacle that might just get in the way of Aubrey's future. With the cruelest of obstacles yet, Aubrey's old self just might return as her new self crumbles. Will Aubrey really be better off with the rejection? ~~~~~~ Started Writing - October 12th, 2016 Finished Writing - May 25th, 2017 Re-Published - June, 1st, 2020


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Better Off
by Abigail_Irene