The Sins Of Jack Pr...
By BennyDreadful
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Jack had lived a life so full of sin even the Devil had questions ***Frightfest 2016 silver winner*** ***Second place for best Horror in Wicked Awards*** Undergoing edits. Jack Price hasn't lived a very moral life. He cheats on his wife. He beats his kids and ignores those in need; although he believes himself to be a very worthy person. So, when he is hit by a bus and suddenly finds himself face-to-face with the Devil, naturally he is surprised. After a pleasant dinner, Lucifer takes Jack on a horrific journey through Jacks own life, tormenting him with horrific visions and psychological torture. Caution!!! This story contains graphic adult content (sex, language, drug and alcohol abuse and adult themes, including domestic violence) reader discretion is advised. The religious comments made by Lucifer are not the opinion of the author and are for the characters sake only. Cover by @Finnyh From the frightfest judges: FINN H. ARLETT: Ben's narrative in The Sins of Jack Price is original and focussed, and the immoral main character after whom the story is named is oddly quite likeable. I found it fun to watch him squirm. Ben's depiction of Lucifer is what cinched this win for me, as he is snide, devious, sinister, but unapologetically charming about it all. Altogether a quality read from an upcoming author. GAVIN HETHERINGTON: BennyBedlam's imagination knows no bounds, and from what is presented in The Sins of Jack Price, he writes in a way that entertains with a very brilliant idea behind it. It's unique in its concept and I can't wait to see this writer grow and develop his boundless craft.

Dinner with The Morning Star

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The Sins...
by BennyDreadful