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By aviforis
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"Do you mean extraordinary?" he asked, confusion evident on his face. "No, extra ordinary. Two words," she said simply. Lois hated the thought of normality. She hated her perfectly trimmed bushes and her house that looked like all the rest on the block. Her ill father says she gets it from her mother. Her mother died when Lois was only 5 years old. When Lois was 14, after the death of her father, she left with a sarcastic boy with black hair who could bring back the dead with the life of other things. Enoch is born to a family of Normals who can't begin to comprehend why their 'clients' of the funeral home get up and walk away. He's ignored by his parents and most people steer themselves away from him, leaving him with no friends. Until one peculiar girl with the sea in her eyes and under her control takes pity on him and they find themselves wrapped up in a messy painting of new feelings and confusion and love.


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Extra Ord...
by aviforis