The Magic Trials
By EmmaTheEnderGirl
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Highest Ranking: #16 in Fantasy The Magic Trials; one of the most famous battles between magically-gifted kids and teens. Ells Ender was just an ordinary teen trying to make it through middle school, avoiding every possible way of making her magic known to her peers. But what happens when she gets a letter, stating that she is required to go? It will change everything she ever knew about magic. And it will change everything she ever knew about her. And her lost father. ~*You are special, you are the Keye*~ --------------------------------- (Cover created by @MiyonisaysRawr. Story edited by @live_love_listen. Special thanks to @nightmerrs.) A/N: Alright, so, this story may have a lot of chapters, but I try to give every chapter about 500 words, so they are not that long! Don't let the amount of chapters discourage you to read this amazing story!

Chapter 1: The Magic Trials

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The Magic...
by EmmaTheEnderGirl