Cinderella & Th...
By Vanilla_waffer
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Liam St.Cyr is a modern day prince charming. The heir to one of the largest programming corporations in the world, he has everything. Smarts, looks money. Every day he has another party, every night another beautiful woman in his bed. Yet, for some reason, he can't shake the feeling that he is missing something. Julia Gregory is a young woman giving her everything just to get by. She is saving in hopes of travelling the world - but no matter how much she works, she can't help feeling it is never enough. Then, one night, she picks up a catering gig for a friend and runs into the devastatingly handsome Liam St.Cyr. After he embarrasses her in front of an entire crowd Amber gives him a lesson the man won't soon forget before storming off - leaving nothing but her shoes behind. Now Liam is on a search to find the mysterious woman who stole his heart. How will Amber react when her normal life is suddenly turned into a real life Cinderella story?

Chapter 1:

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by Vanilla_waffer