My Middle School Cr...
By geekiechicforall13
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Highest Rankings: #1 Interracial #2 LGBT/LGBTQ #2 Gay #2 highschool #3 Wattpride #5 Boyxboy #17 ManxMan Mason Moore and Mark Tyler have been friends since the fifth grade. And Mason has liked him for just as long. But even as a tiny preteen, Mason knew that his feelings had no place in Mark's world. No, the ever popular heartthrob had a clear type: beautiful women. Not skinny brown boys with big noses and curly hair. It didn't make sense. So Mason kept his feelings hidden to save his heart from the inevitable heartbreak. But his plans get completely derailed when he and Mark kiss. It comes out of nowhere and Mason has no plan of action. Mark, however, has the perfect idea. Friends-with-benefits. Sleep together to release the tension until they find other people. Only Mark has no idea the only thing Mason wants is commitment. Can Mason keep up his casual facade or will his true feelings ruin everything? _________________________________________ (The Other Guy Spin-Off. Stand Alone Book) Date Started: April 8, 2019 Date Finished: September 3, 2021

Chapter 1

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My Middle...
by geekiechicforall13