The Tagger
By Glass_Eyes
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" Gumball sat on top of the Elmore Junior High, although to the people below he was Z-T at the moment. It'd been months since he first gave himself that name, since he first put on this mask. The school gave him other names of course, freak, loser, monster, scumbag, just to name a few. Then more recently they gave Z-T other names, terrorist, criminal, and well that's mostly it. Still, in the end he felt closest to the name Gumball. Yet The Haze needed him to be Z-T now. As the kids walked through the schools, they could feel it in the air. That was because not everyone was breathing the same kind of air. Not everyone was looking at each other the same, or speaking to each other in the right tone. Even the people who didn't pick a side in this, some would say war, could feel the tension in the air. Gumball hoped they would just hide after school. Nobody needed to get unnecessarily hurt. Still, people were going to get hurt. Last time he spray painted a grenade on the front side of the school, it turned out to be the sign that the fight was beginning. Now that he did it again, it showed that this was all going to blow up one final time. " Like most things in his world, Gumball is riding a chain reaction of events that started with one simple incident. Penny cheated on him with Tobias, which awoke a rage in him that quite evidently cane from his mother's side. He became ridiculed, not even his siblings would take his side. But, some people would come to stand by him. Influenced by his art, spread all over the walls of Elmore, he begins to lead a large group of misfits against the people who want to push them down. Let's see how crazy this all can get.


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The Tagger
by Glass_Eyes