Pride #Wattys2017
By xxmekssxx
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My Novel #1: Meet Ma'Kenzie Koreah Raegan. She has been through emotional obstacles after everything in her life has tumble down on the ground. She is constantly facing the consequences, including being bullied at a young age until a new friend and a sedative stranger steps into her life with no family members by her side, including her older sister who recently went into a coma after a drive-by shooting. He showed her everything in order to protect herself before she was taken from his life and went into foster care where she was raised by a Christian family throughout the years until she was married with the love of her life at twenty until he was gone. Now at twenty-three, Ma'Kenzie works as a exotic dancer that doesn't have to work on a pole but in a club. With a man by her side with a violent past, she couldn't escape from him due to the threats that he always do. A familiar face had reappear in her life for the second time and he saved her from the club owner with his evil ways to threaten her life countless times. He must protect her while she is in sight while dealing with a family member and with a secret of her own and another one with a deep hidden past. Secrets will be revealed and someone will not make it alive. Will the two always trying to come up with a plan together that prevents her from going back to her demonic past? Will everything also comes from the dark into the light? All Rights Reserved Copyright by Imperfectt_Child 2017-2018 Cover by: chemistric


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Pride #Wa...
by xxmekssxx