~No One Knows~ A Gr...
By mikedirntsfrootloops
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Velvet Armstrong was the annoying little sister that Billie never wanted. He was six when she was born and had a hard time remembering when life was peaceful, before his mom brought her home. Why did he have to have a sister? Why couldn't it be a boy? She and him had nothing in common, Billie was more outgoing and she was laid back when she wanted to be. In fact, she had multiple personalities. Long story short, her and Billie didn't have the best relationship, but he always covered for her when needed. Now eighteen and freshly out of jail after making some bad choices, Velvet is forced to go with Billie and the guys on a world wide tour with their band, which nobody is excited about. It was supposed to get Velvet into the outdoors and make her wake up from her bad decisions so she could restart her life. The little girl Mike once knew and always shoved away was now grown up and different than she used to be. He forgot about the little girl who used to hug his leg and call him her big brother. She's changed, but he knows that the little girl is still in there somewhere, and he plans on making her resurface. SUPER LONG DESCRIPTION. OMG!!!

•Chapter One•

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~No One K...
by mikedirntsfrootloops