Abandon Loneliness
By Asensky
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After the Giant war: Many deaths are weighing heavily upon our young hero- Percy Jacksons- mind. Deaths that include Annabeth. To save his sanity and to help their hero, the gods decide to give him a second chance at a childhood. The only problem is that Percy no longer has any family to return to. Stuck in an orphanage he gives up hope of ever having a family again. Enter Steve Rodgers, super soldier, Avenger, Captain America, the man with a plan. But most importantly the lonely guy. The Avengers might be his family but he yearns for a child of his own- without the hassle of a woman. Because all the women he meets never seem to get past the fact that he is Captain America and they never seem to want to get to know the person behind the role of a superhero. Steve goes to an adoption agency and discovers a small, sea-green eyed boy who- for some reason- reminds him of himself. Can these two heroes help each other to heal? Or will they give up in searching for family? Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson or the Avengers. These characters belong solely to Rick Riordan and Marvel. I only own the plot. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the story I have made up just for you readers. Also, this book was my idea so please don't steal it! I really do not want drama like that in my life.


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Abandon L...
by Asensky