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The Cartwright clan has worked the farm for almost a century. On the surface, they are prosperous pillars of the community. But once a generation, a wicked harvest must be reaped, to ensure that the family never falls. The appointed time for Joshua Cartwright's offspring approaches. He has to remind himself that we all must suffer, so that we do not take our blessings for granted. Reviews for Birthright: @Finnyh "Birthright's uniqueness, quality, and authenticity are what set it apart. A piece to indulge every fan of horror, historical fiction, and Southern Gothic themes. Ian delivers a compelling story about a family curse through the ages, all the while keeping up a sinister tone and the 'feel' of a different time and place. Ian's Deep South horrors will never fail to entrance and haunt me." @rosaimee "Ambience and tone are incredibly well weaved, in that it's both terrifying and beautiful. With each chapter it grows in complexity, and a solid backdrop enriches the plot." @LynnS13 "Birthright goes to the heart of Southern Gothic. It understands that pace is all when it comes to this special breed of horror. It doesn't boil over or spill; it simmers and goes skin deep."

1872 - The Fence

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by IanRCooper