Angel Guardian - En...
By Reenave
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Kyrsiel, a young apprentice guardian angel and his teacher Gersiel must protect Midori, a young student of the demons that lurk for Kyrsiel can graduate from Gersiel Guardian Angel and follow its evolution. But this will not be easy because Kyrsiel is not the typical quiet and dedicated angel, on the contrary, is lazy, undisciplined and easy to control. Gersiel, who was a guardian angel elite and now trains apprentices, must achieve at all costs his last student graduates to advance its growth as an angel. More through the day, the teacher must face his past and left many enemies during his journey as Guardian Angel. Join Kyrsiel and Gersiel on his adventure facing the demons and discovering that the strongest, may be within ourselves and so understand why being a Guardian Angel is not an easy task.

Chapter 1 - Taking Responsibilities

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Angel Gua...
by Reenave