Ocean Born
By REPaige
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"Many have withered away by desiring that which they cannot have; do not let that become your fate," was the sea witch's warning. Young, impulsive, and desperate to breathe the air above the ocean, Princess Dylana will do almost anything to earn herself a pair of legs. Even if that means she must risk revealing the existence of her kind to mortal men. Given a magical mirror as means of a portal between worlds, Dylana travels to the mortal realm where she soon finds herself enraptured by life in the open air. But all magic comes with a cost, and Dylana knows this. Is she really willing to put her people's lives in jeopardy in order to follow her heart? Retelling of 'The Little Mermaid'; following the original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Winner of the 2016 FCRAs in the 'People of the Sea' category.


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Ocean Born
by REPaige