Alpha mate to three?
By Danger25point5
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Jin Silverfange is a young and only daughter to the Alpha of the Equinox pack. When she goes into her first heat she is hoping to find out if her human boyfriend is her true mate. But fate had other plans, as not only is her human boyfriend not her mate, But the a incredible fact that she has three mates instead. What was killing her even more was the fact they were the soon to be Alphas of the Moon Gladiator Pack. Meet Tituse,Atticuse and Ceaser the Apollo brother from the Moon gladiator pack. They are extremely possessive over ther mate and are willing to do anything to keep her . Even if it mean beating any boys within a one mile radiouse of her to keep her all to them selves. The only problem is now trying to get her to give them a chance. Will she give them a chance? Will she keep trying to get back her human lover? Or will heat be to much and push her over the edge?

first day of school with the enemy

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Alpha mat...
by Danger25point5