Hidden [Harry Style...
By TimeWillHealx
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The village of Duskshire seemed peaceful at first sight. Laughing children running around, adults gathered around the fire. It was far from it. Beyond the walls of the village a demon, vampire, lurks. What makes him different from other vampires? He came back to life from the power of revenge and regrets. He is the demon haunting the village. Every five years, the village selects a family who must send their first born to the vampire as an offering. This year, the Pierce family has been selected. Ebony Pierce is the first and only child of the Pierce family. When Ebony is left in the forest as the sacrifice, the demon takes an odd liking to her. Something about this girl draws him in. Will Ebony be able to tame this creature from hell itself? Or will he finish playing his games and kill her?

Hidden [Harry Styles] [vampire]

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Hidden [H...
by TimeWillHealx