Playing For You (Am...
By amourshipper24
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Meet Ash Ketchum, the best football player in Kanto. He is the best quarterback everyone has seen. He has it all, full ride to his favorite college, fame, girls, and everything else. He thinks his life is perfect, until he has to move to Kalos. He is not the best when it comes to love, all he cares about is his football career, but all that changes when he meets a certain honey blonde hair girl. What will happen when Ash meets this girl? Read to find out! DISCLAIMER I DO NOT OWN POKEMON. IT IS JUST A FUN MADE UP STORY. This is my first story, so I do not expect this to be perfect. I'm just trying something new to pass some time throughout this school year. Please leave feed back!

Everything is Perfect

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Playing F...
by amourshipper24