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By GianatheAvenger
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[sirius black x oc] "Hey, you lost? Shouldn't you be in class?" A tall, gangly boy made his way towards her. The air of confidence was palpable around him. "Who're you? Transfer from Beaxbatons?" He perked up. "Are you part veela?" "No..." she looked around cautiously. "I'm Helen. Helen Pine. I don't think I'm supposed to be in this year..." "Whatd'ya mean?" "What year is it?" "The year is 1977, duh." "You're... you're Sirius Black!" "Ah, so you do know me!" She hadn't gone back two hours and 2 minutes. She'd gone back twenty-two years. ΔΦΔΦΔ Helen Pine didn't know she was that powerful. When she first picked up her time-turner, she had no idea she had the wrong one. She had no clue that it would take her back years, to when the Marauders ruled the school. She didn't think that she would be able to perform a spell, using her time turner, to move the school, and everyone in it, ahead a couple decades. Helen Pine didn't know she was that powerful. She did find out, however. She not only discovered her inner powers, but the tricks of James Potter, the fears of Remus Lupin, the timidity of Peter Pettigrew, and, worst of all, the persistence of Sirius Black. She didn't believe she would get too attached to any of these troublesome boys, especially Black. But when a monster no one could have dreamed was real appears at Hogwarts, Helen relies on her newfound friendships to defeat it. The trouble is, how can she depend on people the creature makes impossible to trust? DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN QUEEN JO'S CHARACTERS!!! ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ SOME CURSING, MILD VIOLENCE, KISSING, AND DATING


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fast forw...
by GianatheAvenger