Slayer of Gods (End...
By AlexisBeard
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To be the last to die - that was all Godslayer ever wanted. In a world of chaos, raked by a thousand-year-old war between those who use and those who loath magic, Godslayer finally finds an opportunity. In order to subdue Melem, the Demon Lord of the Underworld, and gain the power of death, he must secure great power. Conquer another realm, perhaps. With Melem vanquished, he could control the gates. But as long as magic exists, he will always have to look over his shoulder. A talented mage might eventually defeat him. After subduing Death, he must make war on magic. Godslayer can see no other alternative. And so he sets about his way, carefully planning his every move. Unknowingly, those that cross his path lend a hand to his dark purpose. One of those accidental collaborators is Akh'er, one of the strongest mages alive, who achieved immortality through a strange method - by arguing with Death himself. So is his student, Iseriel, with her wrath and thirst for war, two key elements in rising within the military - an organ Godslayer is bent on destroying. And on the other side of the conflict, Fallon's anger and horror at magic makes him into a ruthless killer, one whose hatred may well play into Godslayer's hands. And so begins the end of magic. Cover by @haims- Update constantly. Word of warning: Mild violence and language.

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Slayer of...
by AlexisBeard