Choosing Her Biker...
By Oblivion_Wolf
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When Tommy Tanley left for the Special Forces, he thought he had his life figured out. Do a tour or two, come back home to marry his girlfriend and live out the rest of his life. But when his woman decided she didn't see a future with him anymore, he ended up doing three tours and coming home to join the Ghost Warriors MC--gracing him with the road name Terror--and work at The Golden Quill Tattoos. Shiloh Barnsley had always wanted to get married on the hill overlooking the lake and mountains of her home town. Now that her wedding day was a month away, she decided to take the time off work in New York city and come set everything up. What she hadn't planned on was running into the man who haunted her dreams every night and left her unsatisfied when she made love to her fiancé. She always knew there'd be a chance she'd run into Tommy but a part of her had hoped she wouldn't. Now that they were in the same town again, and he wasn't going anywhere, her feelings for him surfaced once again. Now she's left to choose between the man she learned to love and the man she's always loved. © Brittney Spencer - All Rights Reserved ~Unedited~ ~Unfinished~

Chapter One

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by Oblivion_Wolf