God of the Earth
By Saturday_10
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A great power is present in Manhattan but even the gods don't know much about it. An ancient evil is rising again and the gods' chance of victory is low. Their only chance is getting this great power on their side. Percy Jackson, a 12 year old kid with no parents, was cheated on by his girlfriend. His past is a mystery while his present is just as confusing. As his life goes on, he finds out about his supernatural capabilities and goes through many hard experiences. And then he finds out about who he really is... He has to make a choice. Will he fight for good or for evil? Love is another problem for him. He has been cheated on before and now he's afraid to trust someone ever again. But will he get through that? Who will help him? Read and journey with the new Percy through this story :)

1- Mysteries

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God of th...
by Saturday_10