Blood Moon | A Teen...
By banne_2003
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"Life can't be all bad or all good. Eventually, everything has to come back to the middle." These were the famous words spoken by a true alpha named Scott McCall to his best friend, Stiles Stilinski. Its been 7 years since the night of Lydia and Stiles Stilinski's disappearance and since they left their daughter abandoned in the streets of Beacon Hills. Its Allison Stilinski's 16th birthday and the anniversary of her parent's vanishing, and things soon to resurface from her dark past. Was their more too why her parents were taken from her? What will Allison do when she realizes she is more than just an ordinary girl? With the help of her guardian, Scott McCall, and her loyal pack, she is forced to uncover the sinister truth behind her loving parent's dark end. WORK IN PROGRESS

BOOK 1 - Chapter 1

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Blood Moo...
by banne_2003