City of S...
by AbbyBabble
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When every thought is shared, unpopularity means death. Thomas is an orphan with potential to become a powerful leader among the networked hive mind that rules the known universe. Never mind his neuromuscular disease. Never mind the fact that he grew up on a "primitive" planet known as Earth. The Majority has evaluated Thomas's mind, and they're too knowledgeable to dismiss him as a disabled child from a backwater wilderness. Unlike his human foster family, the Majority knows that he can achieve greatness. But the Majority won't let Thomas rescue his foster family and friends from an alien slave ghetto. He needs to obey popular opinion and let the humans die. In a city ruled by networked minds who share every thought, secrets are impossible. Escape is impossible. The Majority always get what they want, so the only way for Thomas to save the people he loves is to win admiration in the network. But time is running out for the slaves ... and Thomas has never been good at popularity. Cover painting by Byzwa Dher.

Prologue: The Lion Within

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City of S...
by AbbyBabble