The Street Fighter...
By GalaxyLilly
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I wrote this when I was younger so it has really bad grammer. Read at you're own risk. I'm slowly....very slowly editing. #48 In Teen Fiction February 24, 2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the boys from this morning come up to us "Hi there." One of them say flirty "Who are you?" I ask "I'm Liam the one that just flirted with you is Leo then that's Todd and that Elijah." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ashley is a regular girl...that's what everyone thinks but really she is a street fighter and her dad is a gang leader only her dad knows about her street fighting but her mom and dad move Ashley, her big brother, and little sister to Miami because her dad has some business there. They have to go to a new school and make new friends but her dads rival gang is in her new high school....

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The Stree...
by GalaxyLilly