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--- THE FLORESCENCE CHRONICLES: BOOK 1 --- An aristocrat and her knight. Rosaline 'Rose' Valla is the adopted daughter of the well-known Lord; Dominique Charles Valla. After ten years of living in the Valla Household, life isn't as exciting as it should be. That is until she is assigned a new personal guard. Kaden, also known as 'Beast', isn't considered to be the best person to be assigned a position that entailed babysitting a 'stuck-up noble'. A mysterious young lad with an unknown past, many have wondered, who on earth is he? As Rose and Kaden start to get to know each other, complications arise one after another. Will the two be able to help each other through these problems? And what of the rumoured 'Devil's Curse' that is spreading through the kingdom of Faena - said to only target those of the lower-class? As chaos arises will anyone survive? Or will they all fall prey to the Devil's Curse? A rose and a beast, caught between the imaginary crossfire. --- copyright © Thaloria Jacques 2016 All Rights Reserved --- cover and jacket: @kai_saeki

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