Weddings, Frat Boys...
By bellav173
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With college and a wedding approaching fast, will Joshua and Ember be able to stretch their relationship anymore than it already has been? Eighteen year old Ember Rhinehart couldn't have been happier when she returned to Washington DC from Los Angeles and her hectic summer. After a nearly fatal incident with the notorious secret spy agency ACE, the McGallens have been under closer watch than ever before. Ariana's career is temporarily on hold. Ember's couldn't be busier. One day, Ember receives a letter from Boston University saying that she has been accepted to attend. Eager to finally get the college experience she's dreamed about her entire life, she packs her bags and flies up to Boston, Massachusetts. The McGallens are under watch by a colleague of Ember's while she is away. Ember feels bad about leaving them so suddenly, but all her guilt is immediately washed away when she sets foot on the prestigious campus of Boston U. Quickly, she finds her place in the massive school and becomes comfortable with the city. The fraternities and sororities dominate the university's popularity scale. Along with a few new friends, Ember joins a sorority with a notorious reputation. But, as she gets to know her classmates, she may uncover something that could change everything. Even in Boston, she can't avoid being watched. Is it the ACE returning for revenge? Someone else? And, can Joshua and Ember handle a long-distance relationship while he's all the way across the country, attending Stanford? Or will it crumble too under the pressure? One decision could change everything in the final installment of the Presidents, Spies, and Boys, Oh My! trilogy.

Weddings, Frat Boys, and Sorority Spies, Oh My!

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by bellav173