Spark of Paracausal...
By Queen_Wicked_YT
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[Completed] "Can the Light of a Guardian die? Rather, how? Is there some sort of mechanism that keeps us going? It's doubtingly a masterpiece that we have not yet learned as it stands there, watching over us. Is it, "It" that keeps us going? Or is it the fact that this question lingers me? ...much has not progressed since my disappearance. I Did What I Had To Do. After the Vault Assault, Crimson and her friends find out that Eris Morn, the last of her fireteam, has arrived at the Tower and seeks help to destroy Crota's soul from existence. But something lurks in the shadows of the Darkness. Something no Guardian had laid eyes on... It lingers on Crimson's Light. [Destiny is Not Owned By Me. Full ownership of the game creation, logo, and any other relation to Destiny belongs to Bungie Inc. & Activision]

[Book 3] Spark of Paracausality: The Oversoul Throne

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Spark of...
by Queen_Wicked_YT