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Raven Zheng is definitely not crazy. At least - that's what she tells herself. It's hard to believe that when no one else can see what you see. You see, Raven can see the dead. Ghosts, if you will. They're people who died, just looking for closure and a way to move on from this life. When Raven meets Cade Woods, she's surprised to find a person who understand what she's going through, at least a little bit. He doesn't see the dead, per se, but he's seen enough death in his life to see her point of view. And then the first body is found. Soon enough, Raven is catapulted into Cade's world. There seems to be a serial killer in town, one who has connections to Cade and his father that makes him a suspect in the murders, and Raven has no way to know whether or not he can be trusted at all, given his past and his suspicious parentage. But as the body count climbs, Raven and Cade realize that they might be the only ones with the knowledge to stop the killer, even if they have to embrace their past to do it.


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by YourAverageNerd_