The Dog-Walkers Dat...
By MarjorieDeLuca
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Lily is a successful interior designer on the brink of turning 30, but after a traumatic breakup, she feels she's a failure in the love department. A lifelong "dog hater" - she takes a chance walk with a neighbor and her new pup and meets so many dog lovers of the cute male kind, she realizes this might just be better than online dating. With single friends, Mimi and Grace urging her on, and despite the fact she's totally clueless about canine care, she takes on a cute little "shorkie" named Baby. But after a rocky start as a new canine "parent, and with the occasional babysitting help of Vic, her cellist neighbor," Lily sets up a "dog walkers' dating club" that does wonders for her single friends' Mimi and Grace's love life as well as many of their friends, while a crisis in her parents' life and a narrow escape for Baby, ultimately leads Lily to discover that love can be found in the place you least expect it.

Part 1: My Guilty Secret

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The Dog-W...
by MarjorieDeLuca