MANAN ~ U R MINE &a...
By Shona7666
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This is my new story hope u guyz like it... One girls is walking in clge corridor whn suddenly someone came n litterly drag her to empty class lock the door n pinned her to the wall Girl- wht the hell. Said Angryly Boy- hey dont shout its Mee..Said calmly Girl- I know its u..aur koi ho b nhi skta na assi harkate srif tum hi kr skte ho said loudly + Angry Boy- Dont tst my patience...Angry Girl- lv me. Said trying to get free from his grip Boy- Nt so soon BABY... smrik Boy leans forward his eyes was on her lip he move more n more closer their lips r jst inches apart Girl - U cnt do this lv me plzz.chodo Boy- I cn do whtevr i wnt soo jst shhh.. Girl push him n try to run from their bt he hold her n pull her toward him n directly slam her lips wid his start kissing her harsly she try gt free bt failed he was more stronger then her. After 15 min he brk the kiss Boy- U R MINE & ONLY MINE...U understand that so never dis obey me..Angryly.. So who r they???wanna so sp read my ff..

1 ¢нαρ..

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MANAN ~ U...
by Shona7666