The Dark Side Of We...
By little-bird
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Werewolves. When i say that you think of tall cute guys who are protective and usually very sweet inside. Am i right? Well your wrong! Werewolves are dark creatures, when a full moon comes they have no control over themselves. They become wild animals that could kill you in a second. What most people do have right is that they can have mates...just not in the way people think. There mate is just something they realise they have, when they see her there is no emotional attachment. Meet Faolan, going on exchange to America, leaving behind her small town in Australia. While adjusting to this new highschool for a year she meets her supposed 'mate' and she struggles to escape the cruel game that fate is playing. Can she grow feelings towards something that could kill her every once a month?

Dark side of the moon

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The Dark...
by little-bird