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I feel the breath of air on the back of my neck. My limbs freeze and my breath catches in my throat. The male hands grab me by the hips. I can't move. His lips are by my ear, grazing the skin, his teeth tugging on my earlobe. His breath is hot on my skin, his lips moving down to my neck. My head tilts slightly. I shake my head. He doesn't have a weapon, I do. I turn in his grip, raising my bat. He catches the swing with one hand. He doesn't even flinch. "I wouldn't do that baby." His voice is like velvet, filling up the room. His lips are back on my neck, his tongue trails over the skin. The voice, the lips, are familiar. "You might mess up my pretty face." "Pretty face, my ass." I let the bat drop to the floor in-between the two of us. I should've known. "What are you doing here?" "Besides scaring you shitless?" "You didn't-" "Don't lie, I saw what you did to those poor hangers." *** It's a game of cat and dog. A game that's lasted four years. A game that expires in three short months. It's a battle of wits, of sarcasm, of teasing one liners, of sloppy kisses that may lead to more but nothing passed physical. It's a game with no rules. And they seem to be breaking them all. Thea Shaw and Ethan Michaels have a complicated relationship. One that neither wants to come to an end. But with college nearing and feelings developing what will come of their little game? He promises her one last summer of underage fun; parties, sunsets, long talks, sweet kisses, and no talk of college until it's time to leave. There are only two ways this summer can end. Either in each other's arms or the breaking of their hearts. #4 in New Adult [COMPLETED]

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by megaannicolee