Querencia: Asterism...
By Zenosynee
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At first glance, She looks like the serene and upright woman people look up to yet maintains mysterious in a way. If you look closely, Serenity doesn't really exist in her way of living. You can at least say, Her days of living up to now is the definition of turmoil if you get to know her better. All she felt was nothing, She was numb. Behind the tough-front image she always brings up around people are hatred, wretchedness, bitterness, But most of all... loneliness. She never gave a damn about it, She believes everyday is a wall she must bring down no matter how bruised she already is. She believes that life is a trial that tests out of how strong your are against it, She wants to prove how capable she is against it. Although deep down, She had been longing for tranquility. She had been longing for a normal life. Thinking about it deeply, A specific longing for home was something she really desired. Will she ever be able to find the home she's been longing for? (1.1) Silently, One by one, In the infinite meadows of Heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, The forget-me-nots of the Angels. - FIRST PART OF QUERENCIA - Oddly, A new student has joined the University of Hannelore by the near end of October. Nash had noticed unusual occurrences of her arrival around the campus for several days. He had yet to discover of her real intentions which she never dared to reveal. Little did he know on that one evening with her changed his once 𝘱𝘦𝘒𝘀𝘦𝘧𝘢𝘭 life ever.

Querencia (ASTERISMOS)

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by Zenosynee