We are royal
By twaimz101923
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Lucy is out on a mission by herself. Nastu has been ignoring her ever since lissana came back, So lately she has became depressed and everyone but Natsu and Lissana has noticed. On the mission Lucy runs into Igneel and he tells her that she has to take him back to the guild with her so he can talk to her and Natsu . So Lucy goes back to the guild with Igneel, once there he picks up something odd so Igneel returned Natsu's memory. Once that is done Natsu takes Lucy with him to the dragon realm to try and revive her memory and birth. let's see how this plays out shall we. Nastu is END in this book. Also not you typical lissana and Lucy revenge story. Please check it out and comment it's a good book

The Great Dragon King Igneel

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We are ro...
by twaimz101923