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By -peachyskies
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#30 in Stars #780 in Teen Fiction Ever since the tragic death of her mother, Rowen has only seen the world through the eyes of loss, and never has she felt more alone. With her father's obsessive drinking, secrets to keep, and her dreams of becoming a professional astronomer on the line, she has dug herself a deep hole, not remembering to take a ladder with her. After making a desperate and stupid decision, Rowen falls into the world of Silas Wells; a boy at her school who also seems to have something to hide, and the one person that can help her find love again. But when relationships are tested, pasts intertwine, and old flames return, Rowen fears that she may not be able to keep her secrets from Silas for much longer, especially one, dark secret that could very well alter the future she desperately wants, and the love that she intends to keep. A/N : This book contains language and other sensible content. XOXO - Keera

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We Are St...
by -peachyskies