My Forever (OLD)
By xKiraAdamsx
  • Teen Fiction
  • deployment
  • drama
  • first
  • forever
  • friendship
  • heart
  • heartbreakhope
  • love
  • military
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  • pain
  • soulmates
  • strength
  • suicide
  • teen
  • triangle


When Parker Grant joins the military, it shakes his girlfriend Madalynne's world to the core. The high school sweethearts have relied on each other for almost everything through out their long term romance...but how will the distance and time apart affect their future together? From hidden friendships to steamy new love interests, will the lovers be able to overcome the obstacles they are faced with to end up together? Or will it tear them apart forever? **My Forever was published on 5/18/14 to Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords. The newer version is longer, more fleshed out, and delves into the charicterization a lot more. Show your support for indie authors! It is currently available for the low price of .99 cents here: This version posted here is a much shorter, rougher version of Madalynne and Parker's story but still follows the same framework. Thank you for all the support.**

My Forever

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My Foreve...
by xKiraAdamsx