Lexi's Promise (Boo...
By neverfakeit
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They say true love is rare. Many lovers don't make it past ten years, let alone fifty. But what if you found true love, and you had eternity to spend with that lover? So what if he happened to be the god of the underworld and you were required to spend forever in his domain. You would still count yourself lucky, right? LEXI'S PROMISE follows the continuing love affair of Lexi and Hades, two lusty gods who have pledged themselves to each other while their world seems determined to keep them apart. Shots are fired and lightning strikes in this third installment of The Lexi Series. DISCLAIMER: This work is owned by the author. Please do not attempt to plagiarize or the monsters of Tartarus will eat you. CONTENT WARNING: Chapters with steamier scenes will be labeled as such. If you have already read books one and two, I expect you will be eagerly awaiting them.

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Lexi's Pr...
by neverfakeit