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By babyspiders
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This isn't love. This is just sex. This is just attention. Matty tells himself that's just what he needs. Just moments in which he can forget, in which the world blurs out and he doesn't have to focus on everything so very wrong with both his mind and his body. It's like getting drunk without the hangover, in his mind it's the perfect solution to the boy who could never love him back. He's just not quite sure whether that boy is just George, or himself too. No kind of high, physical or emotional, could possibly take all his problems away, but he's content enough with those moments, even if he always loses much more of himself than just the worst kind of thoughts. [Genderfluid Matty] [Warnings for mentions/refrences to drug abuse, manipulative relationships, dysphoria, drunk sex, dubious consent, and very bad self care] [Those things don't relate to matty and george's relationship btw] [Cover art drawn by me]

1: i already love this fic more than ive ever loved anything in this world

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i think y...
by babyspiders