Fought Against Love...
By fanfiction7
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It's been 3 years since the war. Draco had spent his days in Malfoy Manor with the haunting past. Lucius and Narcissa were still the same and hadn't changed much. The shock that the Dark Lord died still lingered on, but they were still mean and cold as ever. But things start to get bad, Lucius mysteriously disspears leaving Draco confused, Narcissa spends her time in her room crying and worrying and losing her mind. And Draco, he find someone else for company, he finds...Hermione. Hermione had told her family and friends a huge lie. A lie that she'd moved onto bigger projects and starting a new life over in America in an American Wizarding Organisation. However she really isn't. She is left no-where to go, she ends up on the front door of Malfoy Manor, where Draco takes her in. Things start to happen around the Manor, evil is on the rise and mysterious things start to happen just like Lucius' disspearance. Evil is after them...when I say them..I mean Hermione, and Draco is on her side to save her. They go on near death journeys and fight for survival together. Other things occure during their time together...undenyable feelings and love.

Fought Against Love & Evil

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Fought Ag...
by fanfiction7