Wild Hearts
By EffervescentElixir
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Anxious. Alone. Afraid. Aiden Griffin didn't ask to be any of these things, but they encompass his every day, shaping his life, ruining relationships and widening the cracks, leaving behind a ravine. Aiden is content with isolation, lost in the woods, kicking stones in cemeteries, traversing the forgotten corners of a run-down city. Anywhere away from the words that sting like a knife twist to the heart. Shaped by the malice of cruel hearts around him, Aiden is often steeped in dark thoughts and even darker actions. His parents don't seem to trust him, and no one notices that the school's golden boy is actually Aiden's worst nightmare. That's when Ryder McCallum enters his life, the suave and confident older boy who faces life with a smile and a switchblade at his side. He challenges everything Aiden knows, encouraging him to be... wild. Yet despite Ryder's charms, Aiden is already too set in his forlorn path, and no one has yet to fully hold his smile. Ryder is determined to change that, and in the process, bring Aiden's inner wild heart out. An unlikely friendship is born, and as the boys face a slew of mad adventures, they'll discover more about themselves than they'd care to admit. When friendship becomes something more, Aiden is left chasing after a boy who disappears all too often, an enigma Aiden loves too deeply to ever let go.

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Wild Hear...
by EffervescentElixir