The Dread Wolves of...
By Isabel_R_Buell
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • dragons
  • magic
  • multiplepov
  • prophecy
  • steampunk
  • swordfighting


In the frozen wastes of the North, a series of Civil colonies fall victim to mysterious forces. Colonists disappear without trace and entire towns are left abandoned and in ruin. When fate intervenes, a young woman is thrown into a world of mystery and danger after teaming up with an agent of the Civil's armed forces to investigate the recent disappearances. And after the death of the Grand Chamberman's son, two of the most powerful families in all of Zaedath are cast into a deadly clash. With half of the Chambers in conflict, whispers of deceit and murder soon rise from within. Kaliyah Zoudkord, heir to the Zoudkord name and betrothed to the fallen son, carries a secret that threatens to destroy everything she and her family stand for and rattle the very foundations upon which the Civil was built upon while in the east, outlying nations struggle to gain influence over what remain of the Civil colonies. Credit to the lovey @BeautifulGoddes for the cover :)


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The Dread...
by Isabel_R_Buell