Frosted Dreams (Boo...
By selina_carpenter_49
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Frosted Dreams: a Snow Secret Series "Every one of my doctors tried hard to solve my problem, and in the end I felt bad for them. I wanted to stop the testing after the first two neurologists, but my parents refused to let it go. The problem was me. I wasn't honest with them, at least not entirely, because I had hoped they could find a medical reason for my headaches without me having to admit the full truth." Everyone had heard of the tale of Frozen. About a princess who sacrifices herself for her sister. And a queen born with ice magic. What if the princess never was struck by her sister's magic? What if there was more to the story of Frozen..? My version of Frozen. This is Frosted Dreams: a sequel to Snow Secrets ▪︎▪︎▪︎ Best Plot in The Whirldwind Awards 2019 3rd place in The Moonlight Spring Valentine Awards 2019 (Teens Fiction) Rankings: 26 in #Elsa (27/04/2020) 2 in #Dreamscometrue (02/04/2020) 23 in #Frozen (29/03/2020) 3 in #Dreamers (02/04/2020) 44 in #Teens (02/04/2020)

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Frosted D...
by selina_carpenter_49