Blue Frontier: Anap...
By AmiDiane
  • Science Fiction
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  • dystopian
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  • science-fiction
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Humans have migrated to many underwater habitats sprawling the blue frontier. However, a war is brewing in the wild blue, where freedom is a commodity between the opposing factions. But war is far from Ava Cade's mind. Living in Anapos-a habitat on the edge of the frontier-isn't easy. Focusing on scraping enough money together to survive, Ava helms a submarine as part of a two person scavenging team with her best friend, Logan King. When one of their routine hauls ends in disaster, it puts them at odds with their maniacal boss. Desperate to square her debt, she looks for whatever work she can find-before her employer sends her swimming over the blue horizon. Ava's luck appears to change with a job offer to work in the director's offices in the affluent side of the habitat. The director controls all that happens in the hab-without input from the citizens of Anapos. But soon, Ava learns that all is not as it seems in her hab. The shadow of war draws closer as tension builds between Old and New Anapos, coming to a head at a great personal cost. To help save Anapos, Ava must decide where her loyalties lie and fight for freedom. In a quest for answers and justice, she must sneak into the archives, fight pirates, and avert a terrorist plot. Who can she trust? And what is the director really hiding?


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Blue Fron...
by AmiDiane