The War of the Alph...
By booklings21
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"The war is coming." "What should we do?" "The only thing we can do. Hope that it doesn't destroy us as it has before." ... Several Alphas will meet their mates. Several packs will go to war. Not all of the bonds between mates will hold true. Not all of the packs will survive. Read along as five different couples come together, each with their own story and destiny for the future of werewolves. As the Luna's try to find their way to their destiny, their mates will fight to the death for them, but it's not each other they should be concerned about. The werewolves will rise, but first, they must fall. If you like epic, mature, and non-cliche (mostly) werewolf stories then this book is perfect for you! There are going to be many twists and turns that will definitely keep you wanting more! ... Updates are frequent. Book 1 in the Wolf Rising Saga. Another synopsis inside. ... 10/21/16 #317 in werewolf 10/20/16 #997 in werewolf 10/18/16 #557 in werewolf

Characters Part 1

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The War o...
by booklings21